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Who is the moderator for Stashbuster, and how do I contact her?

Sandra Wucher is the Listmom/Moderator.  You can contact her at

"Discovery" travelled with the Hoffman Challenge 2009-2010.  Made by Sandra Wucher.  41 x 41 inches


What is Stashbuster? It is a Yahoo email group of quilters who enjoy fabric and have – or are acquiring – too much. Members of the group encourage each other to use the fabric “stash” they have, avoid unnecessary spending on new fabric, and finish projects that are in progress.

A “No Buy” challenge, which begins Nov. 1, 2013 and ends Nov. 1, 2014, is a central activity of the group, and members may sign up at any time.

Group discussion may include projects finished, scrap quilt patterns, stash used up, and avoiding spending on fabric. Volunteers post weekly reminders related to finishing projects, getting organized, and using up fabric. The group encourages setting goals and reporting on accomplishments through the year.

The Yahoo group list is very active, over 5000 members, and generates a lot of email. New members are encouraged to sign up for digest format.

The groups listed below are spinoff groups, related to stashbuster, but not run by the same listmom.  You can find them by going to yahoo groups and putting their title in a search 
Threadbenders--a group for scrap patterns
Stashbuster Fling it All--go here for sharing, swapping fabric or other supplies, and to give stuff away that you no longer want
Quilted Table Group--offers a free monthly pattern, such as a table runner, and promotes discussion about it

You can help support this web page, and the domain name.  The domain name is paid annually, and the web hosting is paid monthly by Listmom Sandra.  You can use your credit card here, too, and all transactions are secure and encrypted.  Heck, it's as easy as buying fabric online! :)

We were green before it was even popular! Our mission is to use what we have, finish what we started, and not buy needlessly!  Go Green!  Recycle a PIG!