Group Rules (Simple!)

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You set your own Stashbuster goals.  The rules are very simple, and can be summarized in two words--Be nice.  Here they are in a little more detail.

Stashbuster Rules--#1 and #4 are most important.  Please read these first!

1.  Stay on topic.  An occasional off topic post is permitted, but you must state "off topic" in the subject line, and replies to the off topic post must be off list.  No religious requests, no health informational posts, and so on.  Occasionally, something so big happens in our lives that we just have to share it, and that is okay, like the birth of a grandchild, or a great personal sadness.  Rarely, a recipe gets posted, if it is so wonderful that it is like giving a gift to the group.  You are permitted to ask a question on the list as long as you ask for responses off list. 

2.  No discussion of copyrights

3.  If you are selling something related to quilting, or have a promotion of some kind, ask me.  I will probably approve a one time post, and then I will request that you tell the members I have approved your request to post.

4.  When you reply to someone's email, please take out most of it, so that we don't have to see a bunch of repeats.  Just reply to a snippet, so we get the focus.

5.  When you put a photo in the photo section, put it in a current dated album--they are updated by month, and subdivided into weeks.  If you want to talk about your photo on the list, copy the addy from your photo's window, once it is open, and put it with your post--that way people don't have to go and find it--it's right there.  And here is information about how to put a link to your photo in your post, so that once you have posted the photo, people won't even have to go to the albums to look at it. 

6.  Here are some examples of inappropriate posts to the list.  They are fine if sent to the original poster:
  a.  Hey Lucy!  I live in East Bonkers too!  What area are you from?  Do you know Ms. Dolittle?
  b.  Hey, Zappy!  I live in west Illinois too!  What town are you from?  Have you been to the border attraction Super Hot Hot Wings? 
  c.  Hey Frida!  If you are coming through Iowa, be sure to stop and see Doggie and Me, the dog show for border collies at the auditorium in Zingo.
These are appropriate posts
  a.  I want to visit a quilt shop in Chickydoo Wisconsin.  Please give me any pointers OFF LIST.
  b.  I am driving through eastern North Dakota and want some suggestions about local attractions.  Please--all replies OFF LIST. (topic must be listed as OFF TOPIC in the header)
To summarize:  All "location" related REPLIES should be off list.  All location information REQUESTS should ask for replies off list.  Be sure to put OFF TOPIC in your post when appropriate.
Thanks for understanding.  We are over 5000 members now, and don't want to have personal stuff going into 5000+ extra mailboxes.
Listmom Sandra


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