Motivating Reminders

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You will be given daily reminders to help keep you focused, motivated, and busting stash.

The purpose of this group is to encourage the avoidance of needless fabric accumulation, help you to downsize your stash, and finish UFOs.

One of our tools for focusing is the Fab 4.  Here's how it works:  just list your 4 projects that you most want to finish.  There will be periodic calls on the website for you to do this, and tell the group about it on the list too, because we all are invested in this!  We encourage bragging on this list!

Other tools that we use on the list are the Friday Fling, which is an encouragement to throw out or give away something that takes up space in your sewing room.

The Thursday Cut-Up is when you cut into a piece of fabric that you have been saving, uncut, for too long!.

Do you want your quilt featured on this web site, to help motivate others?  Is it a good stashbusting pattern?Please send me a picture, and your quilt will be featured here!


This is a rag baby quilt, made by Stacy Olivas.


Ellen Bence's First NYE Mystery quilt


Stack the Deck Quilt by Debi B in Oregon


Roz Atwood's Flame quilt

We were green before it was even popular! Our mission is to use what we have, finish what we started, and not buy needlessly!  Go Green!  Recycle a PIG!