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How do I join Stashbuster?

Who Can Join?

Who can join?  Most people will likely join because they have stash that is unmanageable.  But others will join because they like the free pattern links, chatty quilt-related on-topic talk, or for resources.  It is a big group of over 5000 people, and there will probably be somebody who can quickly answer your question about finding something, or give you information.  Digest form is recommended, because a lot of emails are generated.

Click to join stashbuster

Click to join stashbuster

Does it cost anything?

Not a cent.  But you can help support the cost of this website and the domain name by making a paypal contribution, buying potholders, or supporting our merchants.  Check the "Support Stashbuster" page, or you can donate by credit card/Paypal using the button below.

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