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How can you help support this web page?  Simple! 

 1.  Buy a potholder.  They are strong, washable, and useful, with three layers of cotton batting.  They are crazy pieced, and you can state a color preference.  On average, they are a generous 7 inches square.  You can pay by Paypal, or send a check to Listmom Sandra.  I will give you a mailing address to send the check to.  They are NOT made in a country whose name you cannot pronounce, but right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

You can purchase a potholder even if you are not a member of Stashbuster.  Purchases will be used to support the monthly page costs, and pay for the domain name.  The cost is $5.00 each, or two for $7.50, and this includes mailing.  Before or after you pay, send a color preference to Listmom Sandra.

2.  Click the Paypal button on the home page and make a donation in any amount, no matter how small




Want to buy some potholders? Contact Sandra and give her your color choices, and snail mail addy. You can pay by sending her a check, or by using the Paypal button here.

One for $5.00, two for $7.50, includes postage.  Email Listmom Sandra once you have paid, to give a color choice.

Hey!  Did you read #3 above?  Do you know you can buy a Stashbuster shirt or button?  You may want to cover the button or logo before you shop for fabric.

We were green before it was even popular! Our mission is to use what we have, finish what we started, and not buy needlessly!  Go Green!  Recycle a PIG!