Stay at Home Retreats

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What's a Stay at Home Retreat?  Just what it sounds like.  We set a weekend date, you are permitted to stay in pjs all weekend.  Making a crockpot meal for the family is permitted, or ordering pizza is highly recommended.  Head for that sewing machine and sew, sew, sew.  Then run to the computer and tell us what you are accomplishing.

Here's a little more detail--Our stay-at-home retreat is an opportunity to devote a weekend, or a portion, entirely to quilting, just as you would if you were away on a real retreat.  Joining in is totally voluntary.   This is an EXCUSE to spend a couple days holed up in your sewing room doing something for yourself.    

You don't need to sign up, but you are encouraged to post that you are joining in, and what you are working on.  Half the fun is the anticipation of the retreat coming up!  There are no rules or coordination or "policing".   There are no door prizes or games like you'd find at a real life retreat.    The dates are usually established by a poll, and the winning date is the one we go with.  There is usually one retreat each month, but during the summer we don't always have one, and near the end of the year we sometimes have more than one.   Retreats usually begin on a Friday and last through to Sunday; or, in the case of a long weekend, they can be extended!  

If you can't devote a whole weekend to quilting, perhaps you can find a few hours of uninterrupted time.   Prepare everything ahead of time just as you would if you were going away.  Plan which projects you want to work on, and gather up all the stuff you need.   This includes the pattern, all fabric, thread and so on, so that you don't waste time looking for things, or deciding on things.  If you were going away you would have to pick, and then pack!!  Since you don't have to pack clothes, you can take extra time going though your stuff!  You might even have time to tidy a bit!!   Plan for you household duties:  make or plan weekend meals ahead of time, make arrangements for the kids, get munchies!!  Tell your partner that you are saving money by not going away, so maybe you can splurge on pizza, a kid movie or other fun activity.  

We typically announce a theme which you can interpret as you see fit, or ignore completely.  You can work on UFOs, new projects, or current projects.   You can work on charity quilts, gifts, or something for you!  It is your retreat--work on what you decide.  The themes are to help you if you aren't sure where to begin!!    Make of it what you will and enjoy yourself, the payoff will be progress on your project(s).    Sandy and Nancie


What did you work on during retreat?  Heck, we don't need professional pictures here, or fancy-schmancy quilts.  We love looking at the scrappy homespuns, too.  Send me your picture, and I'll put it here!  You can motivate others!

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